Not every carpet is made from the same material, and they don’t all follow the same design. In fact, there is an extensive range you can choose from, each with its own cleaning requirements. Yes, some carpets will prove to be more challenging than others, and this leads to some costly mistakes.

So, in light of not ruining your carpets, here are some of the biggest do-it-yourself carpet cleaning mistakes.

Using Too Much Pressure
There is something like using too much pressure when cleaning carpets. Keep in mind that pressure doesn’t necessarily result in a clean carpet. The technique and approach are much more important if you want to effectively remove dirt and stains.

Damaging Chemicals And Detergents
In addition to the way you approach the carpet cleaning process, the chemicals and detergents you use will also come into play. For example, you might think about using a tough detergent with some of the stubborn stains.

But what if the fibers of the carpet are too sensitive and you end up bleaching the carpet instead? Yes, it happens more often than not, so pay attention to the chemicals you use.

Equipment Can Be Dangerous
Who needs professional equipment when you can get a hard brush for the job? You might even think about renting an old machine you’re not really sure how to use, hoping it will do the trick for such a cheap price.

Several things can happen when you go down these roads. For instance, the hard brush can start ripping into the carpet, or you can scrub all day and nothing happens.

When you don’t use the right equipment, you risk wasting both time and money.

Leaving Too Much Water Behind
Carpet cleaning presents the specific challenge of getting as much water out as possible. Not only does it dramatically speed up the overall drying process, but it prevents other problems.

When too much water settles into the carpet every time you clean it, you are directly limiting the years you will be able to use that carpet in your home. This is why the amount of water, along with the extraction process, should be a top priority and handled effectively.

Not Cleaning The Carpets Often Enough
When you leave dirt and stains long enough, it’s like they become part of the carpet. And the more difficult it gets to clean a carpet, the more damage you risk doing.

This is why you should get those carpets cleaned regularly, and with the right approach. Because a good cleaning every now and again will ease the deep-cleaning sessions that should bring the carpet back to life.

At the end of the day, you get the carpets cleaned to extend their use, not limit it. In other words, maybe you should use a professional? They have the right equipment and safe detergents, as well as the experience to remove the toughest stains you can think of.

Extend the life of your carpets by avoiding these big and common carpet cleaning mistakes.

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