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What Do We Repair ...
  • iPhones
  • iPads
  • iPods
  • Samsung Galaxies

Same Day Repairs

Our technicians are trained to get your device repaired fast with quality intact most repairs take under 60 minutes. Learn More…..

High Quality Parts

We only use high quality aftermarket parts. Beware of repair services that use cheap parts made in china. We guarantee our quality by backing it up with our 1 year warranty. Learn More…..

5 Star Customer Service

The customer is always first. If you have any questions or problems with your repair you can contact us and will solve your issue immediately. Our customers love us please check out our reviews online. Celebrating over 9 years in business.

Lifetime Warranties on Repairs

Our warranties protect you from any screen defects that may occur with your device with the exception of you cracking your screen again. We offer our warranties over the life of your device.

Electronics Repair Shop - Most Repairs done in 1 hour or less

Cleveland iPhone Repair is family owned and operated. We commit to valuable, quality products and services for our customers. Our goal is to keep families and friends connected.


Repair on all iPhones, iPads, smartphone and tablets for water damage, charging ports, battery replacement and cameras on phones. If your need isn’t listed here, call us and let us know what we can do to help! We also offer tons of accessories like headphones, beautifully designed cases to keep your smart phones safe as well as custom cases with your own personal images.

Call us or stop in today! We don’t just want your business, we want you to be a part of our family. Be sure to follow us on FacebookTwitter, and Instagram for special coupons and deals!


  • iPhone XS  Max $225
  • iPhone X/XS $149
  • iPhone XR $139
  • iPhone 8+ $89
  • iPhone 8 $85
  • iPhone 7 $85
  • iPhone 7 $79
  • iPhone 6s+ $69
  • iPhone 6+/6s $65
  • iPhone 6/SE $60

Our Location

Commonly Asked Questions?

Yes, we can fix devices that have been exposed to water. We recommend that you give us a call so we can determine if your device is possible to fix. You have a small window to get your phone to a shop immediately.

Start Your Repair. Choose Your Device

iPhone Repair


We Repair all the latest iPhone models and we can replace batteries and more. We can replace your cracked screen or restore water damage. We repair most iPhone makes and models.

Samsung Galaxy Repair

Samsung Galaxy

We Repair Samsung Galaxy S3, S4, S5

Computer Repair

Mac Book Repair

We now do repairs on Mac Books we replace screens and do other minor repairs. Stop in today to inquire.

Mobile Phone Unlocking

The process of jailbreaking is the unlocking of a phone with an existing carrier. If you had AT&T and you wanted T-Mobile’s service, a certified tech would be able to unlock either your iPhone or other smartphone and open it up to any carrier.

iPad Repair


We Repair iPad 2,3 | iPad Mini 2,3,4 | iPad Air. Our repair experts can fix your iPad, too! We also repair select other tablet models, just call us and ask.

iPod Repair


We Repair iPod Touch 4th Generation, 5th Generation. Still have an iPod? No problem! We can repair your iPod so it looks brand new.

Amazon Fire Repair

Amazon Kindle Fire


Smartphone Repair


Our repair specialists can also repair other smartphones as well! Need your Samsung phone repaired?  We offer water restoration or screen replacements. We Repair LG G3, G4 & More

Cracked Smartphone Screens

The most common repair we come across is a cracked lcd screen. The most common option is a complete replacement of the screen. This is a popular option compared to using your carrier to replace your phone. We can complete screen repairs the same day you drop your phone off.

Most repairs can be done in under one hour. Find your location and call your repair center today. We mainly repair broken LCD screens on iPhones, iPads, Samsung phones, iPods, and other smartphones. Unfortunate events do happen and a cracked screen is very common.

Water Damaged Phones

The second most common repair we see is water damaged cellphones. It is fairly easy to get your phone wet. You must immediately take steps to get your device repaired right away. We can repair most water damaged smartphones if the precautions below are taken. We can repair a water damaged iPhone or any other smartphone as long as you do not wait to get your phone to us. You typically have a 48 hour window before your phone is ruined and can no longer be fixed.

It is important that you get your water damaged device to a repair center right away to prevent further damage.

Buttons & Charging Ports

Broken buttons and charging ports happen all the time from wear and tear. We have no problem repairing those types of mishaps.

Cellular Accessories

We offer hundreds of cellular accessories from designer cases, earbuds, protective cases and more. We can make customized iPhone or other Smartphone phone cases with the picture of your choice.